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Cyber Awareness Training

Are you or your company?

  • in need of help with digital investigation?
  • looking for advice about cyber and digital related issues?
  • dealing with a cyber security incident?
  • part of a litigation involving digital evidence?
  • worried about protecting sensitive or important information?
  • looking for cyber user awareness training?

We can help!

We know cyber crime and we want to work with you!

Our doors are open to big businesses, small businesses, groups, individuals and everyone else in between. We are passionate about, and skilled and experienced in digital investigations and cyber security. Together, we aspire to give you peace of mind when it comes to cyber incidents and fraudulent behaviour.


Digital investigations? We are here for you!

  • Are you being blackmailed?
  • Has your confidential information been compromised?
  • Do you need professional and official evidence to use in court?

Cyber security issues? Let’s talk!

  • Do you need to secure your data?
  • Need a vulnerability assessment?
  • Do you suspect security threats?

Cyber proof understands your challanges

Cyber Proof works in preventing and solving cyber issues, so that you can keep your confidential information… confidential!

We are fully verified

We have been awarded a licence from the Ministry of Security, which means that we meet all of the stringent requirements set by the government regarding training, quality, and reliability and that findings can be used in court.
We are also registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which means that your data is, at all times, secure.

Time is of the essence

It’s true that every second counts when it comes to digital investigation and cyber security related issues and threats. When contacting us, we will get to work as soon as your project is understood, usually within 24 hours.

What you see is what you get

We are an authentic, highly professional company that strives for transparency and precision. Before any assignment begins, we provide you with detailed information as well as a quote so that there are no unwanted surprises later on.