Digital Investigations

Digital Investigations

With the advancement of technology, people and businesses are relying almost solely on the Internet to create work and maintain effective relationships. That is why a computer is almost always a must-have item for success.

But with that success, comes a lot of responsibility— and we completely get that.

The Internet has proven to be a place in which a whole new category of fraud, identity theft, stalking, and cyber crime can take place—which is quite a scary thought!

Not only that, but it’s harder to prosecute someone for an online attack as opposed to an offline one. But that is where we, certified forensics in digital investigation, come in to identify, preserve, examine, and present evidence.

Let us introduce to you who we work with and how we work, so that you can feel less worried and more assured that by choosing us, you’re in the right hands.

Clients we work with



You could be an entrepreneur, a mother or father, a techie, or just an average person who uses their computer on a daily or weekly basis and found yourself in a frightening situation such as cyber stalking, identity theft, leaked personal information or sextortion. We’re here for you, hoping to give you a more human approach to an awful virtual problem.

Cyber Proof is a female-run digital investigation agency located in Amsterdam. We provide a range of digital investigation services at a local, national, and international level for whomever, whenever.


Law Firms

Do you need help or need assistance with…

  • computer misuse?
  • identity fraud?
  • executive misconduct?
  • intellectual property theft?
  • computer and smart phone fraud?
  • data recovery (including overwritten files or deleted e-mails)?


We work with any and all businesses, regardless of size and sector. We’ll get to work on corporate investigations, surveillance of fraudulent employees, competitors and potential or current business partners.

Our consultative approach will provide you with sound recommendations on what action to consider and on how to avoid similar situations in the future.