Cyber Security

Cyber security for companies

When the unthinkable happens and a business is faced with a cyber attack or data breach, it often results in financial loss and reputational damage.

Companies often spot the intrusion too late, and respond inadequately, resulting in falling sales, loss of customer trust and negative PR.

Each organization is unique in terms of the impact, but across industries there are common critical areas. For example, In healthcare it’s all about personally identifiable and sensitive information. in online retail credit card data is most important. And with manufactures, classified information breaches can have the greatest impact. However, often the most under-estimated significant impact across companies and businesses is business disruption.

But what is better than a solving an existing problem? Prevention!

What we at Cyber Proof do, is assist you with several options in which to protect your data against hackers and competitors. In that way, we are setting you up to prevent a data breach or any other unfortunate event of cyber crime.

Cyber Proof offers security assessments and penetration testing services based on a custom plan of a multistep attack that targets networks, infrastructures, websites,  and applications. These testing services help you understand which threats and vulnerabilities pose the most risks to your organization due vulnerabilities, infrastructure gaps and people.

It’s our mission to ensure that your systems and applications are safe from malicious attacks.

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