Cyber Security awareness training

Every computer, be it for personal use or for work, holds the potential of being hacked, causing an immense issue among friends, colleagues, and businesses. Do you, or your employees, know all of the risk involved? Granted, it’s a hard code to crack… and that is why we’re here.

I, the founder of Cyber Proof, and my team offer the opportunity to guest speak at schools, businesses, and other events in order to give insight and training about the various dangers and issues surrounding cyber security. This training will be done in such a way that all jargon and hard-to-understand terminology is eliminated, so that everyone can understand the ins and outs associated with staying safe online.

Why is training important?

You may not know this, but it’s a fact that 59% of data breaches and cyber crime occurs not from random people who have excelled in hacking, but rather – from your own employees. And this is a massive problem given the sensitive information that is stored online, readily available to be leaked to competition. Which is why, in this technological era, having employees that are cyber-conscious and mindful when working with sensitive data is imperative.

Additionally, we aim to educate children and parents about the dangers of using the Internet, social media, and other online tools as well as how to remain safe and private during Internet interactions.

Who can benefit from security training?

Cyber Proof security training is suitable for any and every employee within an organisation – especially if they work with classified information, as well as children and parents. We train in such a way that the core message is easily understood while using real-life examples. We also update our members with weekly tips to keep up the awareness and knowledge.

When and where is the training given?

The training will take up the duration of one work day and it can be done in-company or at an outside location. Each class has the capability of holding around 15-20 people maximum, with no minimum. The course is fixed in nature, but should you need a tailor-made class, that is entirely possible.

How does it work?

There are three steps in our approach:

  • Step 1

    We will take a look at your company and identify weaknesses, such as inadequate procedures, policies, systems, and networks.

  • Step 2

    Based on these findings, we will give you recommendations and solutions.

  • Step 3

    We then give all members of the training invaluable information regarding how to stay safe online, how to detect risk, and how to use the advice given in a positive and proactive way.

We can help you with the following:

  • suspicious calls (social engineering)
  • confidentiality
  • social media
  • recognizing phishing via e-mail
  • clean desk policy
  • protecting the workplace
  • protecting devices
  • the risks and protection of cloud computing
  • shoulder Surfing
  • awareness of your surroundings
  • targeted malware attacks
  • phishing attacks
  • unsecured networks


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